as a tree falls, so shall it lie

as a tree falls, so shall it lie
One must not change long-established beliefs, etc., in the face of death. With allusion to ECCLESIASTES xi. 3 (AV) If the tree fall toward the South, or toward the North, in the place where the tree falleth, there it shall be.

1549 H. LATIMER Seven Sermons IV. M3v Wheresoeuer the tre falleth..there it shall reste.

1578 LYLY Euphues I. 308 Where the tree falleth there it lyeth..and every ones deathes daye is his domes day.

1678 J. RAY English Proverbs (ed. 2) 296 As a man lives so shall he die, As a tree falls so shall it lie.

1836 M. SCOTT Cruise of Midge II. ii. It is of no use... As the tree falls, so must it lie—it is a part of my creed.

1937 ‘F. HEDLEY’ Cavalier of Crime x. 130 ‘No use trying to account for the vagaries of fate, is it, Inspector? Where the tree falleth, there shall it lie.’

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